Wednesday, May 02, 2007

ER Considered Harmful

[reading: Enkin et al, "A Guide to Effective Care in Pregnancy and Childbirth"; recently Charles Stross, "Accelerando", Charles Stross, "Glasshouse", Douglas Hofstadter, "I Am a Strange Loop"]

Hmm. Maybe watching this episode of ER wasn't such a good idea just at the moment.

Watching old ER episodes, it's interesting to see various actors who I recognize from things they've done since. This episode had Bradley Whitford, who's much more familiar now from West Wing; continuing the theme, only 2 episodes earlier Janel Moloney (Donna) showed up—although I mostly recognized her from her voice. Likewise, the voice of Richard Brooks is very distinctive, even though he only shows up in one episode of ER and a single episode of Firefly (as Jubal Early). [Edit: also Richard Schiff, almost unrecognizable without the beard but again with a distinctive voice.]

[A:42265 B:3446 C:346 D:9187 E:92248 Total:147492]

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