Wednesday, April 04, 2007


[reading: Charles Stross, "The Hidden Family"]

"If you've ever written a book, it's not really finished but abandoned."Lemony Snicket

The second proof copy of the printed version of my witterings about software engineering arrived, and (unlike the previous proof copy) I couldn't immediately spot any egregious errors (although I'm sure there are many still lurking).

So I've finally made it visible to the world: "High-Quality Software Engineering", available as:

In theory, the Lulu distribution process means that the printed version will eventually trickle through to an Amazon listing, which would be good.

As an aside, it's been interesting to find out more about the where the money goes with book prices. It seems normal that the book seller (e.g. Amazon) gets 50% of the cover price. The other 50% covers the production cost and then what's left goes to the publisher and eventually the author. This means that the author of a reasonably popular book can make more on Amazon referrals than on royalties!

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