Saturday, March 17, 2007

Thanks, Ken

[reading: "The Sagas of the Icelanders"]

I've just had my council tax bill for the year, and once again the part of the council tax bill that goes to the Greater London Authority (GLA) has risen faster than inflation. This triggered me to do a little rummaging in my files, to look back at the GLA part of my council tax bills.

Year Annual Cumulative
2000/2001     100.00100.00100.00
2001/2002 22.7%0.9%2.3% 122.69100.90102.30
2002/2003 15.2%1.5%1.3% 141.39102.41103.63
2003/2004 29.1%1.5%3.1% 182.47103.95106.84
2004/2005 7.5%1.1%2.6% 196.24105.09109.62
2005/2006 5.5%1.9%3.2% 207.04107.09113.13
2006/2007 13.3%1.8%2.4% 234.68109.02115.84
2007/2008 5.3%2.7%4.2% 247.10111.96120.71

March 2007 CPI/RPI figures not yet available; January 2007 figures used instead.

So in seven years Ken has managed to more than double his part of the London tax burden (in real terms). Still, at least he's now committed not to increase the liability of London taxpayers for the 2013 Olympics* any more.

*Not a typo.

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