Wednesday, March 14, 2007


[reading: Wesley Chun, "Core Python Programming"]

Is your life so exciting
you have to tell everyone you meet.
Try and make it so enticing;
wear your soul out to your feet.

An amusing exchange at fencing this evening, along the lines of:

Annoying new chap: "Presiding epee is more difficult than presiding foil."

Me: "Nonsense—foil has right-of-way to worry about and épée doesn't have any rules."

ANC: "No, presiding epee is more difficult than foil. Or maybe it just seems that way because I'm an international foil referee."

Impressive—he managed to work in that piece of information in his first five minutes at the club.

[Edit: And he's repeated the manoeuvre in the first five minutes of every subsequent conversation I (or anyone else) have had with him…]

(And yes, I'm assuming that he's the sort of person who wouldn't know where the accents go.)

[A:42244 B:3278 C:346 D:9187 E:74299 Total:129354]

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