Thursday, February 15, 2007


[reading: Scott Lynch, "The Lies of Locke Lamora"]





Also, a frustrating visit to the Pompidou centre. This involved:

  • queueing at level 0 to have our bags checked and get in
  • a couple of minutes trying to figure out where to get tickets
  • buying a combined "museum + exhibitions" ticket
  • going up to level 1 to get into the museum, only to be told my bag was too big
  • back to level 0 to deposit my bag at the cloakroom
  • back to level 1 to get into the museum
  • up the escalator to level 5 for the first half of the permanent collection
  • looking at modern art, also known as 'doodling' or 'rubbish'
  • discovering the second half (level 4) of the permanent collection was closed
  • looking for signs to the temporary exhibitions, but not finding any
  • going back down the escalator to level 1
  • …to discover a sign indicating that temporary exhibitions were on level 6
  • reascending the escalator to level 6
  • …to discover that both temporary exhibition halls were shut
  • redescending to level 1
  • going back down to level 0 to retrieve my bag
  • leaving.
All to be reminded that I don't really like modern art.

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