Saturday, January 27, 2007


[reading: Ty Fischer, "Color Blind"]

For one of the projects I've been playing with recently, I've been thinking it would be good to get a printed version done. The biggest print-on-demand site seems to be Lulu, so a couple of weeks ago I ordered one of their books at random to see what the printing quality was like. My project is going to involve a bunch of black and white photographs, so I picked the cheapest B&W photo book I could find in their listings.

The book arrived this morning, and the quality is very disappointing. The photographs look a bit like newspaper pictures did 20 years ago, with not-dissimilar paper quality. It's definitely down to the halftoning of the printing too—the original photographs online look fine. It seems other folk have similar concerns; rumour has it that their colour printing gives better results, but it's three times the price and seems unnecessary given that everything I'll want to print is monochrome.

So does anyone know of a print-on-demand place that gives decent results with monochrome images?

[A:41925 B:3278 C:346 D:9187 E:71686 Total:126422]

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