Thursday, December 14, 2006

Scanned Scan


I've seen ultrasound scans before, and I could never quite understand the enthusiasm with which they were presented. They always seemed like a grainy collection of vague blobs to me, and so I thought the enthusiasm was just early-onset baby obsession.

Now that I've seen the scan in action, it makes a lot more sense. Any individual still image is grainy and vague, but as the 'camera' moves around you build up a 3D image in your head which is much more impressive. It's like being in a really dark room with a single lightbulb swinging far overhead, so that the shadows gradually converge into shapes. (Actually, that makes me think of Doom 3, which probably isn't the best association).

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Anonymous said...

Oi! What's going on here then?! Have I missed something? -mango