Wednesday, November 01, 2006


[reading: Scott McCloud, "Making Comics"]


Over the last few weeks we've had our flat roof re-felted. (This involved an unexpected amount of hassle, as we seemed to end up in the middle of a dispute between management and workers. The dispute was nominally about health & safety, but I suspect it was really about something else—probably money.)

The trigger for getting the work done was how much it had been raining…indoors, particularly around the skylight. A quick examination revealed the primary problem: there were large, ragged, holes torn in the flashing around the skylight. The flashing was silvery, so the most likely explanation for the holes was that they had been pecked out by birds.

So when I heard a loud tapping sound this morning and looked up to see two crows attacking the newly-repaired skylight, it was time to do something about it.


* And yes, I know that "scarecat" isn't a logical variant of "scarecrow" in this context.

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