Monday, October 09, 2006

Mugging Shock

Bit of excitement this evening; I was reading a bit before bed (about instruction pipelining on the PowerPC 970FX, as it happens) when I heard someone shouting for help outside. This was different from the normal young-drunk-giggly-female shouting we sometimes hear (being close to a pub)—this was an older male voice that sounded in genuine trouble.

So I trundled out to discover that it was indeed someone with trouble—a chap who'd just been mugged, around the corner. After I'd retrieved a torch and an ice pack for him from the house, I ended up tagging along with him and a policeman as we wandered down the nearby alleyway looking for the muggers and to see if they'd abandoned his bag (they had).

From his description of events: he was walking down the alleyway towards three youths coming the other way, and he had advance warning that something was up because they didn't move apart to let him pass. They hit him a couple of times, then started demanding his stuff. He handed over his bag (knowing it had nothing of value in it), and his watch when they demanded it, and was in the process of handing over his mobile phone when they started after his wallet. This triggered him to start resisting, and he grabbed back his phone and ended up keeping his wallet—but ended up being hit more (net result: a nasty looking swelling above his right eye, but fortunately no loosened teeth) before they scarpered.

It was interesting to observe someone who presumably had a touch of shock: he was fairly calm and coherent, but he kept talking continuously and repeated almost everything he said several times. He insisted he didn't need anyone to look at his eye, but I wasn't so sure myself (hence the icepack); I guess I was probably overly worried—I got one of the policemen to take a look at it (assuming he's probably got vastly more experience with black eyes than I do) and he didn't seem too concerned.

So overall he didn't come off too badly: he lost his watch, but kept his wallet, phone, briefcase and all of his teeth. Still, a bit disturbing to have a mugging 100 yards from my house….

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