Monday, August 21, 2006

Reykjavík to Langaholt

Driving out from Reykjavík, we followed the road round Hvalfjörður to our first stop, a walk up to the waterfall at Glymur.

Overhang_for_cave_@_Glymur,_Iceland.jpg Waterfall_@_Glymur,_Iceland_4.jpg

Next stop was the Eldborg volcano crater. A quick Icelandic lesson on the way, and in proper English fashion the first word anyone asks for a translation of is "sorry".

Icelandic_horses_@_Eldborg,_Iceland_4.jpg Volcano_crater_@_Eldborg,_Iceland.jpg Volcano_crater_@_Eldborg,_Iceland_3.jpg

Finally, before we reached our (excellent) guesthouse at Langaholt, there was another stop to look at some basalt columns at Gerðuberg.


Iceland must be the largest per-capita consumer of JCBs anywhere in the world—there seem to be diggers and lifters and trucks and dozers everywhere.


jeben said...

I found your blog while wandering around the net......I love Iceland now! The houses grown over by the forest floor? Amazing. thanks for the distraction from work....

galloglass said...

Actually, I don't think the houses were grown over by the vegetation. I think an old Icelandic way of roofing cottages was to cover them with turf, for weatherproofing and insulation (I don't think they had many other building materials available!).