Thursday, August 24, 2006

Reykholt to Hella

First, a quick stop at Barnafoss.

River,_falls_@_Barnafoss,_Iceland_5.jpg River,_falls_@_Barnafoss,_Iceland_7.jpg River,_falls_@_Barnafoss,_Iceland_12.jpg

Then on to the mountain road, across the barren lava fields near Langjökull.


Reaching Þingvellir, ancient home of the Alþing.

Gorge_@_Thingvellir,_Iceland_5.jpg Stream_@_Thingvellir,_Iceland_2.jpg Rock,_stream_@_Thingvellir,_Iceland.jpg Rocks,_stream_@_Thingvellir,_Iceland_3.jpg

On to more hot springs by the lake at Laugarvatn, this time feeding a steam room.

Whale_bones_@_Laugarvatn,_Iceland.jpg Lake_@_Laugarvatn,_Iceland.jpg

Another waterfall at Gullfoss.

Waterfall_@_Gullfoss,_Iceland_3.jpg Waterfall_@_Gullfoss,_Iceland_9.jpg

Last stop was at Geysir, to watch the reliable Strokkur do its thing. I mostly take landscape pictures, so I think this is the first time I've ever used the motordrive on this camera.

Strokkur_D_@_Geysir,_Iceland_3.jpg Blesi_@_Geysir,_Iceland_3.jpg

Ended the day at a "hotel" in Hella, which had the smallest rooms ever encountered. A twin room had two beds…end to end, with about as much space again next to them, in between walls made of plywood.

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