Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Langaholt to Reykholt

This morning's excursion was a boat trip to see the islands and birds off Stykkishólmur.

Birds_on_island_@_boat_off_Stykkisholmur,_Iceland_3.jpg Island,_markers_@_boat_off_Stykkisholmur,_Iceland_3.jpg

Next was the reconstructed Viking house at Eiríksstaðir, complete with frolicking kittens.

Hut_@_Eiriksstadir,_Iceland.jpg Kittens_playing_@_Eiriksstadir,_Iceland_4.jpg

The last stop on our way to Reykholt was the hot springs at Deildartunguhver, the largest in Europe.


Reykholt is the home town of Snorri Sturluson, who was murdered in his cellar in 1241. Apparently he tried "the old Viking trick of screaming and begging for mercy", but to no avail.

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