Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Went out to the 100 Club again last night, and several of the competitors from some TV dance show were there. You could tell who they were because they were wearing stage costume rather than normal clothes ("Wow, that's a dress and a half. Or, actually, half a dress"). Given previous disappointment with the authenticity of the dance styles on the show, it was nice to see that they could actually dance socially in roughly the appropriate style.

The TV folk also went round putting up notices that said that by attending the event you were consenting to being filmed and shown on TV ... which was a bit unfair given that you could only see the notices after you'd paid your money to get in. (I wasn't quite feeling obby enough to make a fuss about it, given that I didn't really want them to offer me my money back and have to go home. I just avoided the cameras, being a shy and retiring type.)

And then today has been spent almost entirely in Microsoft Word, trying to persuade it to do a nice layout for a factsheet. As well as the Word-wrangling, it's also time-consuming (again) to get things presented exactly right. Basically, anything semi-artistic seems to be an NP problem: it's easy to decide whether any particular iteration looks good or not, but it's hard to generate good-looking stuff from scratch.

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