Saturday, March 18, 2006

Day 319

[reading: Frank Miller, "Booze, Broads & Bullets"]

And in other news: on the Project X front, it now looks like I'm a company director. Surprisingly easy to set up, but that's because our company secretary did all of the heavy lifting.

At this point I guess there's no harm in going into more details about Project X. It's basically time-tracking software: monitor the user activity on a Windows PC, then summarize the details and present it in various forms so the user can figure out how they've spent their day (and can possibly optimize their activities to be more efficient). There are various things of a similar ilk out there, but ours will have rather better integration with Microsoft Office and more helpful summarization. Not quite sure what the product name will be yet: our not-quite-vapourware website has it as TaskLog, but we also quite like the name Clockwork. (Of course, the domains for "clockwork" and almost all of its variants are long gone; the nearest we could get was "qlockwork". Our need for a unique domain name sadly overrides my abhorrence of deliberately mis-spelled words).


Henri-V said...

Hmmm, is this something supervisors can put on a network so they can check their employees' use of time and applications, or is it meant soley for the eyes of the end-user?

galloglass said...

The intent is for people to be able to track and analyse their own time. There's going to be various features to allow activities to be categorized and correlated (which might be useful for a lawyer or an accountant who has to bill different clients), plus some analysis of time usage (for example, spotting common bad habits like allowing yourself to be interrupted by reading every email as soon as it comes in).

I guess there is a potential that it could be used for Evil, but as there are plenty of employee monitoring systems out there already, we're trying to aim at something slightly different.