Sunday, March 05, 2006

Day 306

Grrr. I was on my way out to the cinema this evening (Syriana: incoherent & politically simplistic but with some nicely atmospheric segments) and was waiting for the traffic to clear so I could cross the road. At this point a car drove past, reasonably fast, and the occupants threw a box at me from the passenger window. It was just a cardboard box, but a fairly heavy one—one of those reinforced low boxes that are used for holding fruit and vegetables. Heavy enough to hurt, certainly, particularly given that it was probably travelling at around 30 mph.

I was somewhat stunned for a second, then I gathered my wits enough to try to write down the numberplate from the car. It was already too far away to make out the plate, but I could see that they'd had to stop for a queue of traffic waiting for the red light at the end of the road. Hmm, I thought, I reckon I can catch up to them before that light goes green, and I started to jog towards the car.

They were clearly watching out for the reaction of their victim, though. As soon as I started moving towards them, they backed up slightly and turned off into a side road away from the traffic. I gave up pursuit at that point, since I had little chance of catching them on foot.

In some ways it's probably just as well I didn't catch them, though. I was extraordinarily angry at that point, and I'd probably have launched in regardless of the size or number of the occupants of the car...

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Henri-V said...

That's horrible, unacceptable behavior! Vile vile vile. Glad you are okay.

Keep a throwing potato in your pocket for instances such as those.