Thursday, February 16, 2006

Day 289

The complicated configuration setup needed for testing Project Y rather got the better of me today. After I was bounced around six different people to try to get some help with it (ending with someone who was too busy to help), I eventually gave up and went back into the code to fix up a couple of minor spec changes that have happened in the meanwhile.

Still, the evening was more fun; we tried home-made rather than delivery pizzas for a change. It did illustrate an interesting point of semantics: what is the core Platonic essence of a pizza? At what point does sheer weight of ingredients change it from being a pizza to just being a large pile of food with a bread base hidden somewhere at the bottom?

Personally, I'd contend that to be a true Pizza, you should be able to lift a piece purely by the edge. Under which definition, all of ours failed—I think everyone resorted to eating with a knife and fork (how uncouth!), owing to structural instability.

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