Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Day 280

[reading: Charles Stross, "Toast"]

I think the coding for Phase 2 of Project Y is now pretty much done, which sadly means that the project as a whole is mostly code complete. In other words, from here on in the project will mostly involve testing, which is much less fun (particularly as system testing this sucker will involve quite a complicated setup). Still, I've still got the design to write before I completely descend into testland. (Not quite as bad as it sounds—it's more a case of writing up the design than just writing it from the code; I've got almost all of the contents of the design doc as handwritten text and diagrams in my notebook).

We also had another LAN party this evening, but I abandoned it and went home early. Partly that was because there were problems with the servers—every other game the ping time would leap up to several seconds, and the servers would need to be reset—but mostly because I got bored. Somehow the thrill of running around shooting people (or more likely: being shot by people) has palled.

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