Saturday, January 28, 2006

Day 270

Spent a bunch of time today ripping CDs and organizing MP3 files, and it's all the fault of the RIAA.

It's also something that illustrates just how counter-productive the RIAA's tactics have been. My father was keen on getting a boxed set of Scarlatti keyboard sonatas, but the one of the Amazon reviews of the set implied that the set has some copy-protection which prevents it from playing in PCs. Since that's where Dad mostly plays music these days, he was put off and so didn't buy it. So for this particular case, the chain of causality is clear: copy-protection => fewer CD sales.

Anyway, I've bought a copy for him and checked it out and it all seems to play fine in all of my machines. Just in case of problems, though, I ripped all of the discs so I could add in a DVD-ROM with the MP3 files—which takes a while for 34 CDs.

(If you're reading this, Dad, the CDs will be on their way to you at some point next week. The couple I listened to sounded good; let me know what the whole set is like—I may well get a set of my own).

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