Thursday, January 19, 2006

Day 261

[reading: Benson, Chernaik & Herbert "Poems on the Underground (9th edn)"]

"Never knowingly under-engineered"

I'm pretty much done with Phase 1 of Project Y now, and so I've started moving onto Phase 2. The first phase seemed to turn out pretty well—I've done around 21 days on it, ending up with about 2,500 lines of code and a set of test scripts that hit around 91% coverage. Slightly ahead of schedule so far, but I think the later phases will probably make up for that.

I also played a game of badminton for the first time in a couple of years. I was pretty rusty at first, but it came back fairly quickly (although I think I'll probably have the odd ache from using different muscles for a change), although my serve never got above 'execrable'. I did eventually recall that I never used to be able to serve anyhow.

Also went out to see some hot gay cowboy lurve in the evening—very good, but also very intense and depressing. The thing I found most depressing is something I've observed before: just how scarily plausible it is that all of the significant events in someone's life can be compressed into a couple of hours (one of the other folk I went with pointed out that it might not even take that long, given that there were two people's lives covered in the flim). I first thought about it when I read Iain Banks' "The Bridge" about ten years ago, and it's recurred a number of times since. Chirpy stuff.

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Henri-V said...

Really? (the life events musing?) I had never thought of it in those terms. Not that my life is worthy of a film adaptation, but I feel like I would have at least a couple days of serious events. Maybe I'm too conceited to know any better.