Saturday, January 07, 2006

Day 249

Went down to Harrods today, for the first time in a very long while. (I want to get a new coat, so I was doing the old trick of trying it on in a real shop to see what it looks like and to figure out the size, before I order it online. I don't do this very often because it seems rather unfair to the real shop, but with Harrods I have no such scruples (particularly as they're 65% more expensive than the online version)).

Anyway, it turned out to be a bit of a mistake because their sale is on at the moment, and the place was hugely busy. This did have one unexpected good point though: they'd hired an opera singer to serenade the customers going up and down the central elevators.


She was extremely good, and I was struck again by the idiocy of TV talent shows (X Factor, Pop Idol etc). They go on about how good the singers that get through to the finals are, yet none of them are anywhere near as good as this woman—this woman who's basically doing high-class busking. I'm surprised that middle-ranking opera singers (who've realized they'll never sing the lead at Covent Garden) don't just decide to join a pop group and blow everyone away.

I bought a new mobile phone a month or so ago, which has a camera in it. I've not used the camera part of it much, so this is actually the first time I've emptied out all of the pictures . . . and so it's the first time I've noticed this:


That's some impressive pincushion distortion.


Henri-V said...

But did you locate your desired coat among the crowds? I've only been in Harrods once, and I was part of the tourist-y throngs that probably make it unbearable for the non-tourists.

galloglass said...

I found the coat, but they didn't quite have my size. However, they had a size above (too big) and a size below (too small), so by a process of elimination I assumed I would fit the size in between and ordered it off the internet. And lo, it arrived (the very next day, in fact) and it fitted. I'm almost looking forward to the next time I have to go out in the rain.