Monday, January 02, 2006

Day 244


Continuing my occasional attempts to move into the Century of the Fruitbat, I bought a freeview digital TV box a week or so ago. On plugging it in, it turns out to be almost unusable—the remote control clashes with main TV remote, so changing channel on one does arbitrary things to the other (Note in case the magick of Google ever finds this: the Logik LDR1 set-top box has a remote control that is incompatible with a Philips 32PW9509). Getting to the combination of TV and tuner settings that you want is like some sort of logic puzzle.

Irritatingly, the Currys shop where I bought it refuses to do a refund or exchange, so I'm basically left with an extremely expensive SCART lead and pair of AAA batteries. All I can do to assuage my annoyance is to further lower Currys' ranking on a review site or two.

As an aside, I was actually also annoyed by the process of buying the thing in the first place. I hadn't realized, but somewhere along the way it's become impossible to buy anything TV-like in the UK without providing a name and address. This is presumably so the TV license folk can track down who doesn't have a license, but is a) irritatingly Orwellian and b) a surefire way to get junk mail from Currys, thus adding insult to injury.

[A:22376 B:408 C:346 D:9187 Total:32317]

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