Friday, December 02, 2005

Day 213

Some Linux confusions this morning. I'd installed Fedora Core 4 over RedHat 9 on one of my home machines the other day, and all had seemed to go well. However, when I booted the relevant machine this morning, I could get in past the graphical login ("Can't start session due to some internal error"). Following a tip or two here, I tried booting from a rescue CD and running yum remove gdm.

This did seem to fix the graphical login problem, so I could log in as a normal user, but then I discovered that I couldn't run su ("Cannot execute /bin/bash: Permission denied"). Given that I'm playing with kernel development, I really need to be superuser.

There seemed to be a variety of advice out there as to what might fix it, so I went back to booting from the rescue CD and blew away /var/log/wtmp and /var/run/utmp and altered /etc/selinux/config to run in permissive mode. One of those fixed things; not sure which, but I strongly suspect the latter.

So I guess I'm still not sure that Linux is ready for the great unwashed masses yet . . .

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Henri-V said...

I wish I had something helpful and technical to say, but what you do is over my head. (I like to hear about it, though.)

Yay for fixing the login/superuser problem anyway. Every victory counts.