Saturday, November 12, 2005

Day 193

I went into town today and happened to end up both arriving and departing at Covent Garden tube station. It's not a station I normally use; it's jammed with tourists, there are no escalators and it's only 200 yards away from the Leicester Square station anyway. Anyway, since the last time I was there, I guess they've had some more people collapsing on the stairs—as well as all the signs warning people not to use the stairs except in an emergency, they now have an announcement that's repeated every 30 seconds which gives dire warnings about the 193 steps.

It's an interesting contrast to the campaigns they have to persuade us that we should take the stairs, in the interests of health. I guess what the announcements really mean to say is: "If you're a fat tourist, please don't take the stairs and collapse—it makes a mess and there's no end of paperwork we have to fill in. If you're not fat, then feel free to take the stairs. If you're not a tourist, you probably know better than to get off here anyway."

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