Thursday, November 10, 2005

Day 191

At last, I'm done with the scanning. The ever-rapacious maw of the scanner has been kept filled for two weeks, reaching a grand total of 5,194 pictures (a little under my original estimate of around 6000). Of course, there are still 2,878 of the pictures that need to be properly filed and catalogued, but at least I can pack away the scanner and concentrate for more than twenty minutes at a time now.

With all the negatives scanned, I'm not very likely to look at the various photo albums that have the corresponding prints in them—if I want to look at any of my snaps, I can just spin through them on the hard disk. (Which was kind of the point of the scanfest in the first place; I really like the fact that my laptop now has on it: every picture I've ever taken, every CD I own, every (non-work) email I've ever written, every chunk of code I've ever written, every piece of text I've ever written. Hmm, time for a backup methinks.) So, I've packed away the photo albums in boxes (suitably wrapped in plastic bags and sealed with duct tape) and hived them away in the attic, and lo, I have some spare bookshelf space at last.

Given my usual pace of Amazon aid parcels, it's probably not a situation that's going to persist for long...

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