Sunday, November 06, 2005

Day 187

[reading: Dave Thomas, "Programming Ruby"]

So here's a question: how easy is it to find things about people on the filthy internet? More specifically, what could someone find out about me, starting from here?

  • Zero clicks:
    • Within blog: that I own a motorcycle, that I'm older than about 30 (stuff visible from main blog view)
  • One click:
    • Within blog: my date of birth, reading preferences, various interests (this covers any content at all in the blog, given the monthly archive links on the right)
    • Within Blogger: my age, the country I live in, various interests and favourite books and music and suchlike, the type and setup of my main computer (basically, this is contents of the profile page)
    • Outside: my real name, my email address
  • One click and a text lookup: my home address
  • Two clicks:
    • From blog: what motorcycle I drive, who my ISP is, roughly what street I live on, the company I used to work for, where I used to fence, the gym I go to (this covers anything linked to by any blog entry, or in any blog comments)
    • Outside: where I went to college, what I studied, who my supervisor was, software areas I've worked in
I guess it's not surprising, given that I've not particularly tried to hide any of this stuff.


Anonymous said...

Does it bother that old friends haven't found you? Sorry to be intrusive.

There are a couple people I Google every now and then to see what they are up to, but I don't think many/any might do the same of me. (but I suppose I wouldn't know if I had been looked up; I've made myself hard to find, but not invisible.) Being overlooked or forgotten isn't so bad ... there is some honesty in it for all parties involved.

galloglass said...

No, I'm not really that bothered. It's a little bit sad, because I can think back to having some really good times with these folk, but people inevitably move on and away. I'm having good times with different folk now (well, some different folk; I do still have a fair number of good friends from 15 years ago), and I'm sure that they're also having good times with new friends too (or at least I hope so).

I'm not sure it's as about being overlooked or forgotten, it's just that everyone's lives are really busy—particularly in comparison to life at school or college ... a sin of omission rather than commission, as it were.

Anonymous said...

Good point about it being a sin of omission rather than a purposeful thing.