Friday, October 28, 2005

Day 178

Although the scanning is mind-bogglingly tedious, there are a few interesting things that show up as I look at old pictures (from 15-20 years ago). My father looks so much younger back then; my brother seems to be pouting and looking annoyed in every picture (probably because his younger brother was pestering him with the camera again). It's also interesting to see that some of the themes I often use in pictures date back to twenty years ago: doorways and passageways, landscape photography in general. The spookiest recurrence was this one, taken (I think) in the summer of 1984:
I looked at it and thought: "Hmm, that looks familiar". A few months ago we went away for a weekend in Norfolk. One of the pictures I took then was this one:
Same place, twenty-one years later.


Anonymous said...

These are lovely! More pictures please. I am most fond of the single dinghy from the weekend in Norfolk.

I have checked out your pics from Thailand, too.

galloglass said...

It'll be a little while, but I do plan on putting up some other pictures. After I've done the monster scan of all my old negatives, I'm going to do a second pass, scanning some of the better negatives at a higher resolution. For those ones, I'll spend some time polishing them in Photoshop then put them online somewhere.

galloglass said...

Oh, and I forgot to say: thanks for the kind words.

Celia said...
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