Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Day 176

My first bash at the new gym routine this morning, which wasn't as bad as I'd feared; it does seem to involve a lot of equipment that there is only one of, though, so I'll have to make sure I stick to quiet times at the gym.

I also got back home to find that they'd already attempted to deliver my new scanner, a mere 16 hours after I ordered it. They left a card saying they would try again tomorrow, but as it happened they tried to deliver it again in the afternoon and so I now have a new scanner. So this place seems to be swift as well as cheap.

Spent a fair amount of the afternoon and evening trying to figure out an efficient workflow for scanning all the old negs; in the end I settled on 1200dpi to get the scans done in a reasonable time (around a minute per negative, as opposed to twice that for 2400dpi and more than 15 minutes per negative at 4800dpi). The scans come out at around 1800x1100, which should be enough given that I only ever plan to view them on screen rather than printing them out.

Given that fencing was cancelled this evening, I finally got a chance to try the street dance class at the gym. A bit disappointing in the end; more than half of the class was just a generic chunk of aerobics. The half that involved dance was a bit better, but not exactly sparkling.


Anonymous said...

was the street dance class of equal proportions men and women?

hope the scanning is going well.

galloglass said...

Heavens, no. There were about twenty women and three men; it would have been a complete nightmare if it had been a partner dance class. I got the feeling that most everyone else was a regular attendee; they seemed to know most of the choreography already.