Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Day 175

Had a spot of disrupted internet connectivity this evening, which was a bit disturbing: it made it clear just how much I've come to rely on continuous connection to the filthy internet.

Still, I managed to get in an order for a new scanner before everything went pear-shaped. Given that I'm getting more and more converted to the digital way of doing things, I thought It would be good to go through my old negatives and get digital versions of them. It's not something I'd contemplate doing if I didn't have Copious Free Time, though—I've got around 5,500 ordinary (35mm) negatives, plus another few hundred medium format negatives to convert. A film scanner would be ideal for this, but the ones that can cope with 120 format film are lots more expensive; also, once I've done all the negatives I'd have little more use for a film scanner. Anyway, the latest generation of flatbed scanners are supposed to be fairly good, and I'm not really after top-quality conversions, just to be able to access all my old photos on screen (and besides, I wouldn't have enough disk space for all of the old negs at top quality).

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