Friday, October 21, 2005

Day 171

[reading: David Flanagan, "JavaScript: The Definitive Guide"]

In recent weeks my gym-going has been starting to tail off: it's always boring, but it's now getting mind-numbingly dull, plus the progression seems to have plateaued. So I got around to arranging for one of the trainers to give me some new stuff to do. At first, he was impressed with what I'd been doing so far, but that was just triggered by the detailed record-keeping I'd been doing. Once we actually started trying out new exercises, I think he was surprised by how feeble I was.

I also tried out a trick I learnt from my brother, which is that gym staff get much more enthused and interested if you tell them your target is something specific, something a little different from the normal "lose weight"/"get fit"/"tone up" stuff (which they pretty much sleep-walk through). In my brother's case, he got a really good routine by asking for something judo-specific; in my case, I asked for stuff to help with fencing. It did backfire slightly, though, in that his top recommendation was to do some boxing cross-training...which would involve a bunch of personal training, oddly enough, and did I want to see some offers on buying a bulk pack of personal training sessions?

Anyway, I've got a bunch of new things to try next week, which I suspect will be rather harder than the things I've been doing so far (more free weights, fewer resistance machines) so maybe things will start progressing again.

I also nipped in a quick fix to the Minesweeper game to get rid of the annoying clicking sound you get when the page up or page down keys are held (I hadn't noticed it because the Palm OS Emulator doesn't have sound, and I've turned off the sound on my Tungsten.)

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