Thursday, October 20, 2005

Day 170

Finally collected my rewired épée blade, and then dropped off my motorcycle for a service. It's only actually done a few hundred miles since the last service, but that was nearly two years ago, and more importantly I now need an MOT. Also, the starter switch has been pretty temperamental for the last few months: it has no effect to begin with, sometimes for minutes at a time (I've been dreading the day when it completely refuses to work and I end up with the bike stuck somewhere).

Sadly, the great guy I always used to take my bikes to (Del Guyver) seems to have gone out of business; rumour has it that his workshop burnt down and the insurance company refused to pay up. So this time round I'm trying someplace different; they'll certainly be more expensive (probably three times what I'd have paid Del) but they seemed like good guys.


Anonymous said...

what kind of motorcycle have you got?

galloglass said...

It's a Ducati Monster 600; I got it cheap because it was one of the last M600s left over when the new 620cc model came in for 2002.