Friday, October 14, 2005

Day 164

[reading: Terry Pratchett, "Thud!"]

I'm not usually one for posting links to whatever odd web page is the flavour of the day, but somehow this one really appealed. That's what physics modelling should be for!

I've also turned on word verification for the comment system on this thing. Over the last week or two it seems to have appeared on the radar of some comment spammers; now I get two or three spam comments on every new post. Given that I've had all of maybe two legitimate comments on the entire blog, this doesn't seem like the extra step is going to adversely affect anyone much.


Anonymous said...

I read you regularly. You just seemed so self-sufficient and unneeding of comments.

I can speak up more.

Anonymous said...

and I just hit that link from this post and it is horrid.

but I will probably still read you.