Saturday, September 24, 2005

Day 144

[reading: Barbara Hambly, "Circle of the Moon"]

Met up with my father and my brother this afternoon, in what turned out to be an almost entirely failed attempt to fit in some Culture.

First, we tried to get into the World's Most Photographed exhibition at the NPG, but were told we could only get tickets for three hours later. Then we went next-door to the National, to maybe take a look at the Stubbs exhibition, but baulked at the price. Finally, we wander'd divers back routes to the British Museum, where we were told that the Persian exhibition was sold out for the day. We did finally get into an exhibition of watercolours by someone I'd never heard of before, though. He had an odd style for watercolours: a sort of stippled, crayon-like effect with very few washes (although those washes were used to great effect, for example on water reflections)

[A:15321 B:155 C:3 D:9187 Total:24666]

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