Friday, September 16, 2005

Day 136

Last little bit of kitchen DIY today—fitting some beading around the fireplace and a partition strip along the edge of the main tiled area. And in theory, that's everything done. For now. Which may be just as well; in the gym afterwards, my knees were aching too much to do a full set of exercises.

Still, on the plus side I discovered that my concern about needing to recalibrate one of the machines was unfounded: the gym has merely managed to set things up so that some of these machines ask for pounds, and some of them ask for kilos, and I was just using a different instance of this machine than I usually do. Sigh.

I also got around to framing up a couple of the pictures from the Thailand trip, which involved digging out my mount cutter. I'd forgotten how useful this thing is, at least in comparison to the hand-held cutter I used to use; zip, zip, zip, zip, one neatly cut mount. I just wish I'd bought the longer version—one of the mounts I was cutting was too long (the picture was by an artist who needed a reasonably sized canvas) and I had to resort to more freestyle cutting.

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