Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Day 133

Had an annoying discovery at the gym today: I finally noticed that when I'm setting up one of the machines, it's asking for my weight in pounds rather than kilos. In contrast to every other type of machine in the gym. It's particularly annoying because this is the machine that made me feel particularly virtuous—I was racking up lots of (putative) calories on it. So I'll have to try again with the correct weight and see what difference recalibration makes.

Following on from yesterday's attempt to fix skirting boards, today I attempted to fix skirting boards. My previous attempts fell off as soon as I looked at them, so I tried again; hopefully applying a certain amount of BFMI and a bigger hammer might sort the problem out.

Tearing up the nasty laminate floor was more fun, though. There's always something visceral about snapping and breaking things. After a bit of quick-set cement to level out the worst of the warping on this particular bit of floor, things are ready for some floor tiling.

[A:12056 B:155 C:0 D:9187 Total:21398]

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