Saturday, September 10, 2005

Day 130

Hopefully the redecoration stuff is heading into its final stretch; another visit to Homebase today, to get the last supplies (skirting board and timber).

We also headed into Wood Green just as the heavens opened with some pretty torrential rain. Sitting in the coffee shop, I noticed that the water wasn't just streaming down the pavement; it was bubbling up from beneath the paving slabs, forming little geysers a few inches high. After a few minutes, I also noticed that the traffic was flowing oddly and stood up to see that the main road through the shopping centre was flooded (to around a foot deep).

Wandering back home, the knock-on effects on the local traffic looked pretty bad. The knock-on effect on the local wildlife was also interesting: we spotted a very large, slightly bedraggled-looking rat scuttling across a playing field, presumably driven out of the sewers by the amount of water. A large crow gliding across the field towards it raised the prospect of seeing nature red in tooth and claw (or should that be beak?), in the, er, flesh—but the rat turned tail and fled before the crow could pin it down.

[A:12056 B:155 C:0 D:9187 Total:21398]

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