Thursday, September 08, 2005

Day 128

[reading: Lois McMaster Bujold, "Brothers In Arms"]

For some reason, a whole bunch of my clothes seem to be dying all at around the same time. While I was in Thailand, I had to bin around four shirts because of holes and fraying (and ripping), and since then I've thrown away a couple more and also a couple of pairs of trousers.

So this means I had to encounter the horror that is clothes shopping. The key technique is to treat it like a precision military operation: pre-identified objectives, in at speed, locate and deal with the targets, then out at speed. Operation Trousers And Shirts.

Still, one of the benefits of Copious Free Time is that I can do this on a weekday and avoid the worst of the crowds. This also segued nicely in to the latest Slacker's Lunch, although this one was a bit different. Firstly, my fellow slacker appears to have actually done some stuff on his project, which rather seems like cheating. More disturbingly, he's had a gut infection and so was off the beers, which slightly spoiled the point of the whole thing (for him at least; I spurned the temptation to be sympathetically teetotal). Anyway, some interesting discussions and I've recruited him to be a test reader for my random scribblings, to confirm whether they're as dull and anodyne as I suspect.

[A:11488 B:111 C:0 D:9187 Total:20786]

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