Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Day 126

[reading: Charles Stross, "Iron Sunrise"]

OK, that's a bit more like it—a bunch of random scribbling about software design today.

This evening we also went along to the local council hearing about the application for extended opening hours for the pub on the corner. The whole thing took about two hours, which was mostly a waste of time as it became clear about halfway through that the council would only be able to reject the application on some specific legal grounds—none of which we had. Of the four specific areas (prevention of crime and disorder, public safety, prevention of public nuisance, protection of children) only 'prevention of public nuisance' was likely to be relevant. Since no-one had ever complained about pub under the current opening hours, there is no evidence of nuisance and so no grounds to refuse the license.

So, license granted. There were a couple of smaller bits of good news, though. Firstly, looking at the minutes from the previous meeting of the council's licensing group, it looks like several pubs in the centre of Wood Green are getting late licenses, which alleviates my worry about drunk people coming out from Wood Green at 11:30 in search of a late pub.

The other piece of good news is that, while they now apparently have to hand out late licenses to anyone who asks for them, they will also apparently take the late license away again if there are problems, more easily than before. If that's true, then it works out to be almost sensible: we all try living with the late license and see if there are any problems, and come back and revisit the issue if there are. (Slightly tedious, though, as we probably now need to keep a log of whenever we get woken up by passing revellers).

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