Monday, August 08, 2005

Day 97

Into Angkor, starting with the south gate of Angkor Thom,
South_gate,_Angkor_Thom Elephant_taxi_in_South_gate_of_Angkor_Thom
then into Bayon temple.
Carving_3_@_Bayon,_Angkor_Thom Doorways,_Buddha_4_@_Bayon,_Angkor_Thom Carving_pair_A_@_Bayon,_Angkor_Thom Carved_faces_@_Bayon,_Angkor_Thom BayonAngkor
After Bayon, we trundled past Bapuon (closed for renovation) and into the Royal Palace to look at Phimeanakas,
then out of the palace past the royal pools to the elephant terrace.

After lunch the guide (P.K.) seemed insistent that we'd all want to go back to the hotel for a swim and a siesta. We eventually persuaded him that we could swim and sleep at home, but we'd couldn't see Angkor and could we please continue on to the next temple? So we got a decent amount of time at Angkor Wat
Angkor_Wat_1 Angkor_Wat_2 Angkor_Wat_6 Courtyard_in_rain_through_window,_Angkor_Wat Passageway,_columns,_Angkor_Wat AngkorWat
and even had time to climb up to Phnom Bakheng in an attempt to see sunset (too cloudy, though).

I'm a bit surprised by how expensive everything is here, even allowing for Siem Riep being a one-attraction tourist town. Everything is quoted in dollars, and everything gets rounded up to the nearest dollar, so things are working out much more expensive than Thailand (despite Cambodia being a much less developed country).

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