Saturday, August 06, 2005

Day 95

After a much more restful overnight train, we're back in Bangkok. Off (via skytrain and riverboat) to Wat Pho
Large_reclining_Buddha_@_Wat_Pho,_Bangkok Courtyard,_towers_2_@_Wat_Pho,_Bangkok
and the Royal Palace.

After lunch, a few of us took a taxi to Jim Thompson's house, and encountered the full horror of Bangkok traffic—it took an hour to travel a mere few miles. I'm sure we were waiting at one particular red light for around 15 minutes without it ever changing colour; I don't know if this is normal for Bangkok or whether the lights were broken.

Returning to Bangkok, I notice that there are many more private cars on the road. In Chiang Mai, almost every four-wheeled (or three-wheeled) vehicle on the road was for hire in some way or another—taxis, songthaews, trucks, buses, tuk-tuks, vans, minibuses (but there were plenty of people driving their own scooters, though).

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