Thursday, August 04, 2005

Day 93

First up after breakfast: an elephant ride. This isn't a completely tame ride, either—there are some steep climbs and descents, on a fairly narrow trail. Sitting on the head of the elephant feels very precarious; there's nothing to hold on to (although when the elephant puts its ears back, that helps to clamp my legs in place).

Thailand certainly seems to have embraced mobile phones in a big way; even up here in the hill villages, there seems to be plenty of signal and plenty of phones (mobile moment #1: mahout riding his elephant away with mobile phone glued to ear).

Next is a raft trip down the river for an hour, which isn't that exciting because we're floating below the levee and can't see much. After a return to Chiang Mai, a bunch of us head out to an elephant park. The show is actually quite impressive,
Elephants_carrying_keeper_on_trunks_1_@_Mae_Sa_Elephant_camp,_Chiang_Mai Elephant_painting@_Mae_Sa_Elephant_camp,_Chiang_Mai Elephant_with_football_@_Mae_Sa_Elephant_camp,_Chiang_Mai
well choreographed and amusing, and then we have a chance to wander around and encounter some of the elephants in quieter surroundings as the park begins to close.
Elephant_leaning_on_post_3_@_Mae_Sa_Elephant_camp,_Chiang_Mai Elephant_eye_@_Mae_Sa_Elephant_camp,_Chiang_Mai

In the evening, dinner at quite a fun restaurant (with live music), and I get dragged back to the night market again.

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