Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Day 92

First stop was the Chiang Dao caves (complete with bats),
Bats_3_@_Chiang_Dao_caves Ledge,_small_buddha_@_Chiang_Dao_caves
then on to some hill tribe villages. The trip notes had given the impression that this was a 2 day trek; as it turned out, we were only really walking for about two hours.

The presence of tourists does seem to have skewed things a bit; at various stages along the way, any number of folk trying to sell things flocked around us.
Haggling is the order of the day, although I'm not particularly assiduous about it. I figure it's my tourist duty to get scalped, so as long as I get some kind of price reduction I'm happy (basically, so that I don't look like a totally naïve chump).

After dark in the Palong village
where we're staying, it turns out that the local kids put on a show for us.
Children_singing_&_dancing_1_@_hill_tribe_village,_Chiang_Mai Child_asleep_@_hill_tribe_village,_Chiang_Mai

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