Saturday, August 27, 2005

Day 116

A bit more Photoshopping this morning, mostly playing with Levels and tweaking colour. The best (so far) of the crop of Thailand and Cambodia pictures are here, ready to try some medium sized prints.

It's amazing how much difference the right tool can make. Another trip to Homebase (this time in a car; no chance of fitting this one in a rucksack to get back by motorcycle) to buy a fairly cheap tile saw (medium CQ rating), then an hour and a half later the remainder of the tiling is done. I could have saved myself about four hours of Copious Free Time if I'd just done that in the first place.

Also, chatting with an old friend this evening, it looks like I might have a suitable test audience for the text about software engineering that I've been (slowly) putting together; he sounded almost keen (although that may just be good old-fashioned English politeness). Anyway, having an audience in mind should help with the motivation.

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