Friday, August 26, 2005

Day 115

[reading: Peter Hamilton, "Pandora's Star"]

In theory, there's no difference between theory and practice. In practice, there is.

Back to fighting the kitchen redecoration. In theory, today was supposed to be dead efficient. In practise, not so much.

First I primed the new plaster, and put a first coat of paint on the ceiling, so that it could dry during the day and I could come back in the afternoon and do more painting.

Next, was retiling the areas that had to be ripped out for the rewiring last year. I've actually done a fair amount of tiling before, so I was expecting this bit to be quite straightforward. How foolish of me. When I've tiled before, it was a) glazed tiles and b) all straight lines (i.e. not around sockets and switches).

So the main problem of the day was how to cut odd shapes out of tiles. Of course, I was forearmed with a tile saw, but this turned out to be very useless: 20 minutes of sawing and I've not got all the way through a single tile yet. And then the blade broke. Again, forearmed, I'd bought a spare blade, but this one lasted even less time.

Off to Homebase, to try a tip from a friend: use a Jigsaw with a tile blade. My old Jigsaw died a while ago (while I was trying to chop down a tree with it; yes, I know that's an incredibly dumb thing to do), so I bought a new one and half a dozen tile cutting blades to go with it. I carefully checked with one of their expert staff members that these blades would fit the saw, so I was completely unsurprised to discover that they didn't actually fit.

Back to Homebase, returned the wrong blades, and found an expensive single blade that would fit the new jigsaw (it was more expensive than four of the blades that didn't fit), and nipped back home to give it a go. This time, the blade lasted about a quarter of a tile before it snapped.

So I suspect my next step is going to have to be to hire a wet tile saw.

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