Monday, August 22, 2005

Day 111

Trying to sort out a workflow for dealing with all of the digital pictures (around 700, 3.5Gb worth). Current best guess is:

  • Use NikonView (after reinstalling and upgrading) to convert to JPEG: Select All, Copy and resize, set to same size and medium quality, into a separate jpg folder (this is around 3 hours of processing time).
  • Use GraphicConverter to rotate the relevant pictures, and also to reset the file dates for the JPG files from the EXIF data (right click, JPEG, set file date from EXIF)
  • Use my jpegname script to add descriptive text to each of the JPEG files and rename them (as this involves typing in text for every single picture, this is another three or four hours worth)
  • Select key pictures for either uploading to Flickr or for some Photoshopping

Of course, this is just the batch processing. After that, there's a bunch of stuff on individual pictures.

  • Stitching panoramas together
  • Joining together dual exposure pictures
  • A possible experiment with animated GIFs
  • High quality Photoshop conversion for selected pictures
  • Black and white conversions

In the meanwhile (while the machine churns), an attempt to get caught up with email.

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