Sunday, August 21, 2005

Day 110

[reading: Vikram Seth, "An Equal Music"]

Some serious repacking to get under the baggage allowance, eventually putting all of the books into a carry on bag and trying to pose casually at the check-in desk in a manner that implied that the bag hardly weighed a thing. In the end, the checked luggage was still slightly over (21kg against 20kg) but they didn't bat an eyelid.

Well, I'm back.

Of the 5304 pages of books I took with me, I managed to get through 896 + 607 + 616 + 400 + 483 + 926 + 926 = 4854 pages, so I guess I judged it about right.

I unpacked everything as soon as I got back in, but I'm leaving the messing with memory cards until tomorrow, for fear of pressing the wrong button in jetlagged befuddlement and wiping all the pictures.

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