Thursday, August 18, 2005

Day 107

[reading: Neal Stephenson, "The Confusion"]

Another boat trip today, this time out to Ang Thong national park. This is a pretty collection of islands, one of which (Ko Mae Ko) has an inland lake
Lake3KoMaeKoAngThong Lake2KoMaeKoAngThong
and another (Ko Wua Talab) has a difficult climb to a spectacular viewpoint (passing some monkeys on the way).
Monkey_in_tree_4_@_Ko_Wua_Talab,_Ang_Thong Islands_from_viewpoint_@_Ko_Wua_Talab,_Ang_Thong AngThong2FromKoWuaTalab AngThongFromKoMaeKo

Trying to build up a collection of individual pictures for stitching together does make me muse about whether I should get a super-wide lens. The Sigma 10-20 looks useful, although I've not seen any optical reviews of it yet.

We had an impressive thunderstorm while we were having dinner at the resort next door. We were eating outdoors, in a little mini-hut, and the lightning illuminated the sea in blue and purple. Thinking about it, we've actually had surprisingly little rain while we've been here, given that it's the rainy season. The odd afternoon downburst, but tonight's rain was the first that lasted more than an hour or so.

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