Thursday, August 11, 2005

Day 100

A distinctly non-chirpy morning, with a visit to camp S21 at Tuol Sleng
Photo_display_w_reflection_9_@_S-21,_Tuol_Sleng,_Phnom_Penh Photo_display_w_reflection_4_@_S-21,_Phnom_Penh
and the killing fields at Choeung Ek.

Driving back through Phnom Penh, it would appear that there are but two roundabouts and two traffic lights in the entire city.

After lunch, things cheer up a bit with a visit to the Royal Palace, although I think we're all getting a bit fed up with the relentless expectation that we'll cough up money: only one of the thirteen in the group buys the extra $2 camera pass for the palace (and which doesn't even allow photography in the buildings), and the palace guide gets a very minimal tip (as our third nested guide for the day: the Exodus guide, a Phnom Penh guide and a palace guide).

Anyway, the palace has a curiously eclectic feel to it; lots of the displays feel like we're wandering through someone's attic—a morass of random junk, only more gilden than you'd find in the average attic.

(Mobile moment #3: man driving scooter loaded with goods through busy intersection with mobile phone to ear).

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