Saturday, July 30, 2005

Day 88

[reading: China Miéville, "Iron Council"]

Safely arrived at the hotel, and took a quick snooze before heading out via the skytrain to Mo Chit and the Chatuchak weekend market. The hotel room is pretty far up, so we get a decent view of downtown Bangkok.
We joined up with the rest of the tour group and the guide (Tiger), and headed just down the road for dinner. An observation from the guide book is already readily apparent: the number of middle-aged western men who are out and about with young cute Thai girls. Several sets of them in the bar, staring into space and looking very bored, presumably because there's little common language (the younger guy with three Thai girls following him around was more impressive, though). According to the guide book, we're actually staying quite near one of the smaller red light districts, which probably explains it.

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