Thursday, July 28, 2005

Day 86

I've been doing my packing for the holiday, and my plans for what I'm going to take have had to be adjusted somewhat . . . driven by the fact that my bag was two-thirds full before I'd even put any clothes in. In the end, I decided to compromise on the photography gear (which sadly means that my Panosaurus won't get its first outing). Because we're planning on spending a week at the beach, I didn't want to reduce the amount of reading material I'm bringing with me, despite it weighing in at 896 + 607 + 450 + 616 + 400 + 483 + 926 + 926 = 5304 pages.

This thing will go quiet for a bit now, and then it will probably become a (back-dated) photo/travel blog. There aren't normally many photos in here because, frankly, I don't leave the house that often, but I guess three weeks in Thailand counts as leaving the house.

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