Monday, July 25, 2005

Day 83

After having to wait a while for v7.1 to come out, I finally got around to getting a copy of Logic Express. A major reason for getting it was so that I could get at a bunch of old files that I put together in the Windows version of Logic Audio Gold 4.5; fortunately, it turned out that the sales droid hadn't actually lied to me, and it did read the files.

Still, nothing is ever that easy. Going through all of the files one by one, I had to manually: change the window layouts to fit the screen, the MIDI output to hit the relevant port, and a bunch of font settings to use available fonts. There were also a few files that the conversion process appeared to corrupt—enough to generate incomprehensible error dialogs ("clearrec: odd pseq" isn't really a message that should be visible to an end user) and crash the program. Going round again and doing one step at a time (with saves between each step) seemed to work better, but it didn't exactly inspire confidence.

Of course, I know need to grovel through the manuals again to understand how to drive my sound module. I did this on the old system and carefully saved an idiot-proof template file so I wouldn't have to do it again . . . until now. Urgh. I had also hoped that the Apple influence might make Logic a bit more user-friendly (say, along the lines of Garage Band), but no real sign of it so far. As with previous versions, the manual still seems incompletely translated from the German via gobbledegook.

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